Back in the Studio

We were back in the studio this week – well actually just Glenn and engineer producer Gabriel. We put down all the strings: mandolin, mandocello, banjo-mandolin and ukulele. Often people ask – what is a mandocello? Well it’s a cross between a mandolin and a cello, it has eight strings and you can see a picture above – and it’s damn hard to play! We have six song in progress, here are the titles for the really interested:

“Turn it down” (a low key sing-along featuring banjo-mandolin and the Canadian spoons)

“Chapeau” (“the hat” – a solemn ditty sung by Kadiata which will feature sax and the african xylaphone)

“Sing it” (a late entry, favourite of Gabriel, a fast driven tale of post-Soviet life (what rubbish…) with dabuka at the forefront)

“Arrachee du lit” (or “dragged from bed” – an absolute killer to record with mandocello and Christian slapping his thighs – no really)

“Manny” (a ukulele driven song featuring spoons – metal ones this time…)

“Jette-toi” (“get away” – our very own funk improvised jamn…oh it will sound huge)

We have had many queries (and thank you all) asking when our songs will be available — by end of 2006 we will have our songs online for you all to listen to – that’s a promise. Rumours are out that some demo copies are already circulating—please wait for the final versions!

Next, we attack the vocals..


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