kadia_group_1.jpg The *classic* Kadia line-up is:

Kadiata Kaba – vocals
Christian Canosa – percussion
Glenn O’Neil – mandolin, mandocello & ukulele
Dimitri Tasev – percussion
Jacques Erard – saxophone/flute
Giovanni Ferro Luzzi – trumpet/Flugel horn
Gabriel Oueidat – Bass
Special guests:
Tareq Abdallah – oud
Kadia kids choir: Cyprian, Dante, Emile, Jessica, Livio, Milena, Soumeya & Teo.

The following musicians have played with Kadia at various times of our existence and are welcome back at anytime:
Paul Oberson – saxophone
Yona Lee – bass
Alex Tasev – percussion
Pierre Comon – oud/accordian

Kadia – the story so far…

If we want to be brash about it, Kadia had it’s origins in Bihac, in the North-west corner of Bosnia in the 1994 Balkans civil war. This is where Christian and Glenn met, working as aid workers. They realised they had a common interest in good music (e.g. St Etienne, The Clash, Cruel Sea and the Young Gods) and were fed-up with the diet of mainstream rock they were being forced to listen to with their colleagues (but not the Bosnians of course who were more interested in artists such as Nick Cave, but that’s another story…).

Then in 2001, Glenn and Christian met up again in Geneva, Switzerland and started to play music together.

Meandering jamns – Early beginnings – 2001 – 2002

In 2001, Christian and his flatmate, the enigmatic Paul Oberson would organise music jams at lunchtime in their alcove apartment in Paquis, the so-called red light district of Geneva. Christian was on conga; Paul on saxophone and accordion and were joined occasionally by Glenn O’Neil on guitar (and later banjo-mandolin – and then mandolin) and Pierre Cormon (on lute and accordion). Yona Lee soon joined and played a lovely acoustic bass. The songs were long meandering jams built on rifts played by one or the other. Today, some songs still remain from these jamns, notably “Turn it down” and “Le chapeau”.

Rock and roll days: 2003 -2005

In 2003, Christian and Pierre jamned with a group of musicians in a rehearsal space in Meryin, an industrial area of Geneva. The musicians included saxophonist Jacques Erard, trumpeter Giovanni Ferro Luzzi and twin brothers Dimitri and Alex Tasev on percussion.

Glenn Joined at a later jamn and over a period of time, songs began to form and the group were able to play the same songs every time they met up (a small feat in itself). Today, some songs that emerged from these jamns are still played by Kadia, notably “Sing it” and “Jette toi”.

In December 2004, the musicians met up at Jacque’s apartment in Carouge to celebrate the festive season. Alex came along with a friend, Kadiata. The crowd later moved to the rehearsal space in Meryin where they jammed until 4 in the morning (uncharacteristically, it was very rock and roll). At some stage, Kadiata step forward to the microphone and sung – the group had finally found their singer! Jamning over the next months, the group played at Meyrin and the rehersal space of Dimitri in Jonction, Geneva, in a former bus workshop. The group wrote some more songs including “Crow” and “Laisse tomber”. On 2 July 2005, Kadia played its first gig – ironically an international affair as they crossed the border into neighbouring France to play at a baptism party for a friend. Suffering from poor sound and a scorching hot day the band nearly disbanded on the spot.

Kitchen period July 2005 – July 2006

Retreating to Kadiata’s kitchen, the band set about re-working and writing new songs. Glenn, Kadiata and Christian spent evenings jamming and playing between the sink and ironing board while always bearing in mind not to wake the sensitive Swiss neighbours. Some of the songs to come out of this period were “Arrachee du lit” and “Manny”.

Recording: July 2006 – December 2007

Armed with six good songs, Kadia linked up with Gabriel a sound engineer and worked off and on (mostly off) on recording a CD of six songs: Turn it down, Arrachee du lit, Manny, Sing it, Jette-toi and Le chapeau. This CD is planned for release in early 2008. World domination will follow. Or at least a few concerts…

First recording released – Kadia “big in Congo”: January – July 2008

Since April 2008, the six song EP “Kadia” – by Kadia – is available in digital format: Listen to Kadia on emusicamazon itunesFairtilizer.

As far as we know, the first radio station to broadcast Kadia’s songs was Radio Okapi in Kisangani, Congo!  News got back to us that in June 2008, “Le chapeau” is on high rotation and we can confidently claim to be “big in Congo”.

The mystery years: 2009-2010

Kadia has been on slow recovery from its first release in 2008.  The group was  on furlough for several months with various side projects and other artistic ventures.. the group has re-grouped in 2010 and are currently working on some new songs…stand by (but do sit down).

New beginnings: 2010-2012

Kadia was reduced to the core of Christian and Glenn as all other members moved on …so sadly, Kadia exists no more, but a new bass player and singer have been recruited and have re-invented themselves as a new group, yet to be named…

2013: Kadia out, Folkaboum in..

Kadia is officially over and Folkaboum has risen from its ashes…


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  1. do you mean Mano Negra ?

  2. right Mano Negra, what were we thinking…

  3. Belle histoire, à suivre de près.. Update needed ! Cheers Christian

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