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and some photos..

and some more photos online>>


Kadia on the BBC!

BBC Introducing with Tom<br /> Robinson on 6music

Kadia is being feature on the BBC! On Tom Robison’s show: “6 Music Introducing: Fresh On The Net” on Sun night/Mon morning 01-02 November between 00.00 – 02.00 GMT they will play our track “Turn it down”.

Kadia on MX3..

Kadi is now on MX3 – the Swiss musical portal! Check it out>>

Kadia in concert..

Kadia – just the accoustic version (Kadiata, Christian & Glenn) played in the French countryside this weekend at Christian’s chalet to a VIP crowd (our friends..). Check out the photos >>

Kadia on

Kadia’s songs are now available on>>

Tune in!

Kadia on Myspace

Kadia now has a page active on Myspace – come and be our friend!

Big in Congo!

As far as we know, the first radio station to broadcast Kadia’s songs was Radio Okapi in Kisangani, Congo! News got back to us that in June 2008, “Le chapeau” is on high rotation and we can confidently claim to be “big in Congo”. Listen to “Le chapeau”>>